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A free website tool called the eValuator has been launched by Bartlett Interactive, a web design and development agency in Concord, MA, to provide businesses with a resource to gauge the health and value of their website. Often times it is difficult for marketing professionals to optimize their business presence online and the eValuator is a simple way to do just that.

By entering your website URL, you will receive a grade based on different indicators such as:
- Google PageRank
- technical errors [e.g. clean URLs, nested tables]
- marketing components [e.g. meta information, press releases, XML sitemap]
- analytics

Each is weighted separately depending on its level of importance in comparison to the others. To help those who are not familiar with specific terms, each indicator includes a description of what it is, why it is important and ways to improve performance. It is best used as an educational tool, enabling marketing directors to have a better understanding of how to boost website traffic and increase sales.

To enter a website and receive a score, check out the eValuator at!

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Comment by Myles Bristowe on February 22, 2009 at 3:28pm
Hi Debra,
I just tried this tool for the first time and I am impressed with what you've created. Are you capturing any data that you could consolidate and share? I encourage you to post some mini-blog posts that give people some interesting stats and some valuable information that could say things like this:

TITLE: 75% of audited websites are not optimized
First line of blog post: "75% of Web sites that have used "eValuator" in the last 6 months did not include a site map... here's why this is important"

Consider inserting an interesting pie chart showing the data. I think regular updates like this on AMA Boston would be terrific for you and a benefit for us! Would you be willing to contribute content like this on a regular basis???

President, AMA Boston

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