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Expanding capability via “just in case”

I’ve found one of the best ways to become better at what I do is imagining the next and a higher level of delivery for work delivery, and developing the ability to execute based on those circumstances.


In other words, for you, if you’ve never trained one-thousand people, develop the methods necessary so you can, but before you need to. If you’ve never build business consulting model into your deliverables, attain the ability to do so before it’s asked for. If you’ve never worked with a Fortune 500 firm, figure out what they need - if it’s different from what you do now - and apply it to your business now.


Follow the logic? None of this means you have to pursue “the next and a higher level” of business, but in order to break away from your competition, this sort of development will make your product or service more valuable, deeper and broader for whomever you offer it to.


Besides, what if one day, out of the blue, you DO get an opportunity that would stretch the capability of your organization, and you aren’t ready? Do you want to take the chance of losing that chance simply because you never bothered to push your capability structure?


If this happens, you might have lost an opportunity that, in reality, you’ve been waiting for your entire career. That would be a shame, don’t you agree?

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