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I’ll be conducting an hour-long session on Monday at 12pm on how to leverage corporate blogging in your business. This is part of BrightTalk’s Conversational Marketing Summit.

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Comment by Myles Bristowe on February 22, 2009 at 4:12pm
Hi Kate,

This is quality stuff. When no one comments right away, and other posts come up in front of it, your post fades quicker than it deserved to. We've found that when 1 person comments on a post, it gets attention and then more people are curious to read it.

Here are some ideas to improve the activity on your posts:
First, include as much of the information as possible in your post. My fear is that with gateway-posts, people click through and don't leave any indication that your post was worth reading. Second, consider asking the readers to post a question they would like the presenter to cover during the session. Asking a question is a great way to get comments flowing! You may consider using the question as your blog post title. As each person posts another comment, all of the people who commented previously is alerted, which can create a mini-frenzy because they come back and defend their previous comment, etc., etc.

Thank you so much for your participation on our site. We are great because of leaders like you!

President, AMA Boston

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