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Comment by Myles Bristowe on February 22, 2009 at 4:00pm
Hi Cecil,

I absolutely love that you created this post! I'm sure that people saw it and considered working with us. However, I've learned in social media that people like to follow a leader and no one likes to be first. That may be why no one posted a comment. When a blog post has a comment, it becomes far more likely to be opened by other readers.

If you are willing, I would like you to create a new post for sponsorship this week. It can be for a specific event or for sponsorship in general. Only this time, I want you to consider trying something new:

First, create a title for your post that focuses on what they get for sponsoring:

Few people really want to sponsor something. What they really want, is exposure for their company. So a new title for the post you did in November could be, "AMA Boston is seeking a leader in Marketing Analytics"

Is your company a leader in Marketing Analytics? We have an all star cast lined up for our Marketing Analytics event and AMA Boston is seeking a leader in this field to be a sponsor and strategic partner. Not only will we prominently promote your company in our emails to 5,000 local marketers and show your logo on our Website, but we want to partner with you to make sure this event sells out and exceeds the expectations of the attendees. As a sponsor, you become our partner in creating the most memorable event possible and have your company recognized as a partner of AMA Boston.

- Help us develop the questions to ask the panelists
- Create a joint PR release of your involvement in this event
- Send a special invite and discount code to your colleagues, partners and customers
- Provide whitepapers to distribute at the event

I'm just thinking out loud here Cecil.... What other ideas do you have to push the envelope and have sponsors get more involved so that they help us make our events the hottest ticket in town for marketers, speakers and SPONSORS!?

President, AMA Boston

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