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Verbal Branding: Vastly improves direct, spoken interactions, as a stand-alone sales application and for internal unity and culture


“What should keep you awake at night is: your brand and marketing being diminished every day, times every person, times every thought and conversation they have.”


Seven years ago, the genesis of Verbal Branding was to develop a superior direct selling approach, one based on the strategy of differentiation rather than the chaotic and underperforming tactics of traditional sales methods.


Verbal Branding is a fully defined, stand-alone sales application. (In other words, if Excel is a spreadsheet application for MS Windows, one aspect of Verbal Branding is being a spoken application for marketing and branding.)


And the evidence is in: there is no better way to sell. Verbal Branding represents a demonstrably superior approach, and is unique worldwide. It’s been used successfully by small, medium, large, and Fortune 200 firms alike. This application alone is new information, of incalculable value, and utterly simple to learn and use.


Because of this platform, Sales and Marketing can be unified in a way that both parties can enthusiastically agree on, use every day, and apply to the market to marginalize the competition. The nature of marketing has changed yet again.


Which brings us back to the beginning, where a unique circumstance remains: the platform we’re talking about –  in all its simplicity – is the same one that’s integrated with every other business element already mentioned.


As with Occam’s Razor, we go from complexity to strategic simplicity. Verbal Branding begins with one or two ideas that can be thought of or said in less than five seconds, driving internal unity in every way, and providing far superior marketing capabilities.

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